How long to Breast Feed

Yes I was gonna be a New mommy for the first time and was gonna be breast feeding and was wondering how long do you keep your baby on the breast milk.

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Save the spermies??

A bit of background for you ladies: My husband and I are expecting number two and when this one is born we're thinking it's time for hubby to get snipped. He's 31 and I'm (soon...

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I'm judging you!!!!!!!

I started reading this and I literally couldn't stop laughing.... What have YOU felt most judged about as a parent? Lesson Eight: I'm Judging You Becoming a parent subjects...

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Do u like this name?

We are going to name our baby boy Kylin Parker. I love the name. it is a secret until he is born, however my sister who is over our house alot knows and doesnt like the name....


Parenting classes being required

Do you think that all soon-to-be parents should be required to take parenting classes? The state often only steps into the realm of parenting when children are faced with abuse...

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Baby number 2 at 20!!!

Hey I've just found out I'm pregnant again. My son is 16 months, will be 2 on December 3rd. I've worked out I'm 3-4 weeks (thanks to Clearblue Conception Indicator!! Lol) so due...


Someone explain?

Okay first I hope this does not cause some kind of drama but we need this awnsered my fiancee and I are getting married in a week we both have children from diffrent marriages,...

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How Many Ounces Do You Pump?

I'm curious how many ounces other mothers are able pump. I work full-time, so in the morning before work I pump 5-7 ounces, typically. I pump once in morning at work and get...


Still breastfeeding and no period

With my first child, as soon as she started eating solid food and slowed nursing slightly, I had a period. I had two relatively normal periods and then didn't have one for a...

Started by JessiAnn on 12/22/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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was wondering what i cAN DO TO PRODUCE MORE MILK, IT SEEMS THat my milk isnt AS FULL as it use to be? ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE apperciATED.. ...SORRY FOR THE Caps my...

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