Due too close to Christmas

I'm due on December 26th, is it morally wrong to be induced so that my child doesn't have to be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas and share his special day with the biggest...


To Be Or Not To Be - Meat vs Veggies

Carnivore, vegetarian, vegan - what are you? I had a lady tell me I was poisoning my son because I said I'll be giving him meat.

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should i get my son circumsized

my husband and i dont think its necassary to get our son circumsized but a local doctor here gave me heck saying it looks better circumsized and helps prevent infection. I know...

Started by Robyn on 10/17/2012 in Babies And Infants

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Explain to me what "deadbeat dad" means?

I am seeing this term thrown around so loosely. Too often I see and hear a woman spewing this hateful remark towards the father of her child. Keep in mind the parents are broken...

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Breastfeeding is...

For me breastfeeding has become demanding, frustrating, exhausting, time consuming, and limiting. I chose to breastfeed my daughter because I know that it is the very best thing...

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Bio mom freaked! what to do?

My two year old ss mom freaked out when she saw my my space page said "I have 2 wonderful sons" she didnt like that I "claim" Jayson as my son when he "IS NOT!" How do I get...

Started by Kim on 07/14/2009 in Step Moms

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Home all day & I get homesick for my family!!

I am a young first time Mom that has a 17 month old boy. It gets very hard for me cause I didn't move out of my parents house until I was married. I hit a low & get the urge to...

Started by Autumn on 09/10/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Pain Medication and Miscarriage.

Hello Ladies, I am just wondering if you were prescribed pain medication when you were miscarrying. I am currently having a miscarriage, and with the others I have...


Does it still hurt you to have sex?

I hope this isn't too much of a personal question to be asking you ladies, but I was just wondering if any of you still find sex uncomfortable/painful? For me it still feels...

Started by Jennifer on 10/23/2011 in August 2011 Babies

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Hi everyone :-)

Hello everyone I had to rejoin the group well trying to find that button because my son went in messing with my computer and now I cant find the join button. Kids gotta love...


Anyone else?

Okay so i am 26 weeks pregnant this week and i am so depressed i cant stop getting upset over stupid stuff I over react i cry a lot, i feel emotional. i just want to know if...


My 1 year old is constipated

My husband and I recently switched our daughter to whole milk. She did not do well on that. After 2 days of horrible constipation, we put her on 50/50 combination of formula and...


Forcing a C-section

I have had two preemies, one was delivered via emergency c-section at 24 weeks, and they made a classical incision, which made them then tell me that I would never have a normal...