Pregnant at 15

Me and my boyfriend, Chris, have been dating since my freshman year. I am a sophomore now currently 15 years old. My boyfriend is 18 as of March 16. But, according to the...


oral sex

My daughter had recently opened up the discussion that when she had spent the night at her friends house one night her boyfriend and her had met up together and to my suprise...

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Issues with 14yr old daughter

Last week, I caught my daughter making out with her boyfriend in her room, when I came home earlier than planned. She is allowed to have her boyfriend over when I am not in the...


strict discipline

i am new here i know it is not so politically correct today but at home we use a strict discipline . Our daughters ( 16; 14; 10 ) need frequent discipline . We use CP and other...


gender disappointment

I was told that I'm having a girl and now the Dr says it's a boy and I don't feel like it's a boy it doesn't show a winky I'm so disappointed as I have a son


Unwedded Mother

I'm new in my walk and I love GOD whole heartedley but I'm just a baby in my walk. I had my daughter before I was married I was engaged but not married. Her father cheated on me...

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Text Book Mothers

I have 5 grown up children...the thing is am i missing something here...because I hear of text book mothers who take this seriously they read these mother and child books and go...

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Recipe Swap

I havn't stumbled across a good, new recipe in a while and I'm getting bored with the same old same old I have on hand and since there seems to be a bunch of health minded or at...

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