History Books

How many paragraphs (sentence) wil lbe added to the "his" story books about President Barak Obama?


Huffington Post/Bill Maher

Bill Maher is a huge supporter of Barak Obama...so why are you changing your tune now? Does Bill realize that Obama is no better than a sears catalog model in the Oval office?...



If you are homeschooling or considering homeschool what seems to be your main incentive to do so; and what are some of the challenges that you are facing? Thanks, GaVonne


Does this trouble anyone????

Does this trouble anyone that obama seems to be more interested in speaking well of the nation of Isalm even ahead of our own? I asked this on a different site, but I'm really...


National Identity or Stereotype?

(This is a response to the "quit picking on us" threads that have popped up recently) I would like, for a moment, to return to some meaningful debate. What is the difference...

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I saw a conversation about this in another group...I think you all know what group I'm referring to :) Thought it might be interesting to explore this on this thread...I...



I know Jon Stewart is not a journalist, but his reactions and comments are my sentiments exactly! What is going on in this country? Can Obama do ANYTHING right? The far right...


BO's BS...

An article on BO's hot air on what he wants you to think is happenning, and what's actually happening. BO's, BS is getting real thick and unfortunately it may affected our...


Fox News Vs. MSNBC and CNN

I'm throwing this question out there to see what my fellow Obama Mamas think. It's always been my theory that the reason Fox gets the most ratings is simple, they get both...

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Sarah Palin

I had to post this over here since it's being discussed in Political Debating moms. I know that the media is giving her a hard time for not seeking re-election, but I honestly...


Stupid Baby Names!!!

I am so sick of looking at the ridiculous names people pick for their kids, trying to be unique or different. Good GOD!!! People DO judge by names whether you want to believe it...