How to prepare for cold weather country?

My 3 year old daughter is leaving to Europe in September and I will go in December with my then 8 month old baby. My children and I have lived in a tropical country all our...

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YES I do know it's cold outside.

I live in a place that gets pretty chilly in the wintertime. Muskoka Ontario Canada (google it if you like) Even though I have lived in this general region of Canada for many...

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Losing Weight

Ugh.. okay so my daughter is 9 months now. Before I got pregnant I weighed 115 lbs. I weighed 158 when I had her and went down to 125 or so and now im back up to 168. I dont...


Winter projects

With the cold months heading our way I am trying to figure out what to do with my kids. I have all boys one that just turned 3, 9 months old and I watch one that is 10 months...

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Would love other mom's feedback on this...

Hi ladie's so I'm pretty new to this posting stuff but I really need some helpful feedback on this.. Recently myself and my husband set up a new company called PJ'S N SOLE. In...

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Don't you love this whole circle of mom's and facebook thing. It has really kept me sane by keeping in touch with other moms and catching up with old friends. I love it! It's...

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Did anyone do anything special for Imbolc?

Hi, I just thought I'd ask how people celebrated Ibolc? I didn't do anything special, but had a wonderful day as we had our first decent snowfall all winter. It was a truly...

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Christmas in Summer...

What's it like? I just can't imagine Christmas in 30 degree + (Celsius) weather! How do you decorate?

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school drop off issue - advice please

I'm having a really hard time now that the weather has turned cold here in Ontario with dropping off my daughter at kindergarten in the morning, with her 10-month old brother in...

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Am I creating a MONSTER??????????????

My youngest son just turned 2 in january and i mean it has been a over night change.He started climbing out of bed but that was ok at first cause he would just get in his...

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losing lbs after baby

i have a 2 yr old a 1 year old and a 8 wk old baby. i was 130 prepregnancy and i quickly went right back down to 130 after the 3rd one......i have gained 4lbs back. (im not sure...


Weird Rash

My 6 month old daughter has just started presenting with a red rash but it is just a spot here and a spot there, it's not like a regular rash. Any one have any idea of what...