Human Resources

http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/human-resources/ Excellent documentary about how the American, corporate elite has been engineering our society through experiments and research...

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We have a pretty little purple rating thingy now. helpful / nice/ funny/ encouraging think it'll make a difference? what rating categories would you like to see on...

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What is it with people thinking they are above the freaking law? Then bitching about it. How the hell do they think anyone can take them seriously when they cannot even...


If The World Were A Village Of 100 People

http://www.kidscanpress.com/Canada/If-the-World-Were-a-Village-P5247.aspx If you go to this link, there is a video underneath the "extra's" category in the left hand column...

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cell phone crazy texting

texting all the time- why do all teens and perteen communicate with text and not conversation- they are losing a vital skill!

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Random Chat 44

Okay there is no way this one will be as good as the last one. But we can always try.

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are teenagers responsible enough for facebook

Teen party cancelled after 21,000 Facebook RSVPs Louisa Hearn September 23, 2010 - 9:49AM Ads by Google Gently Used iPhones Bell.ca/Refreshed-iPhone Refreshed iPhone for...

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8 Moms You’ll Meet Online

As addicting as message boards can be, it doesn’t take too many hours spent hanging around on them to realize that sometimes, it can all be just a little like…well, high...

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Stupid Questions??

Ok, My mom always told me there are no stupid questions....only stupid people. lol I was reading through another group's posts and came across the question, "I don't have money...

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givin coffee whitner to babe

mi friend told me dat u can make ur own babe formula wit coffee mate,syrup and heavy cream. has any mom tried this. i think would be cheaper den buyin from da super


Y Do U Rite Like Dis?

I am not a perfect speller and grammar doesn't come naturally to me. Although, I give it my best by spelling words out, not using endless acronyms and I try to be a good...


Random Chat #119

New years write New paper, new pen where should I begin? I can write a new dream, or a fantasy scene. I think I shall write the view from my sight. I will write a new life,...

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Anti Co-Sleeping Ads in Milwaukee!

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the campaign, unveiled last Wednesday, includes two posters of a baby lying in a bed next to a large knife. In one, the baby is...

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Lets name him Paul and pronounce it Gary!

The title is a joke one of my guy friends made forever ago about if he ever had kids... Basically, what are your thoughts on odd-ball spellings of otherwise normal names?...

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What kind of work?

I am a stay at home mom and would love to make some income, but I have no idea were or how to start. If I could get some information I would love it. Thanks Stephannie

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Any toddlers being brought up "by the book"???

****DISCLAIMER: I am not writing this post to offend anyone at all !!!! You all have your own kids and do what you want with them. I am writing the following to see if there is...

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