dog farts

i know a few people work with animals here, so i have a question for ya!! my dog has been really gassy for a couple of weeks now. is that a bad sign? he acts fine, he just...

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Why humans are herbivores.

Are human beings anatomically more similar to natural carnivores or to natural herbivores? Let’s find out…. * Intestinal tract length. Carnivorous animals have...

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Different methods of raising babies

I know there are so many thoughts, opinions, arguments about how to do everything from breastfeeding, to discipilne. I'm interested to see if there are similarities between...


healthy start, healthy smart

Ive recently have discovered some things that are not good to give your toddler. I did not know that gelatin was made out of crushed animal bones. I believe mom take care, are...



I had no idea how much people hated milk until I joined CoM lol. What are your thoughts on milk? Do you drink it? Do you think it's necessary to our diets? I've read some...


Lactose intolerant, any suggestions.

I have a five year old daughter who has been lactose intolerant since we introduced her to milk at age1. She is not able to drink any regular types of milk. She can't eat most...

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Milk....Does a Body Good?? Or NOT so Much??

So, a debate ensued in Debating Mums over Commercial, pasteurized milk. Is milk good for us?? Is it necessary?? Considering we can get the same nutrients from a BETTER source,...

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Whole Milk

I have 2 very active kids, ages 18m and 3 years. My pediatricain has told me that they don't need to drink whole milk, and that he has started reccomending starting kids on...

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Eating the placenta????

The placenta may be a magical organ that nourishes your baby, but in some cultures (especially those in the exotic locations of "Berkeley" and "Brooklyn"), moms get in on that...

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Any other moms HATE to cook?

I hate to cook...always have & probably always will. Anyone else feel like me? What do you ladies do for dinner? I'm in need of some fairly simple, healthy ideas for things I...

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