Shea butter, the wonder lotion

Shea Butter can provide relief from everything from just dry skin to many minor dermatological diseases (if you have a serious skin condition, you should see a doctor). It has...

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Started by Julianne on 11/24/2010 in Informed Moms

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Getting rid of Stretch Marks?

How do you get rid of them?!?!? I'm using Bio Oil on half of my stomach and Palmer's Tummy Cream on the other but I want to know what are my other options that doesn't include...



Does anyone else have toddler's with eczema? If so what do you use? and Does it ever go away?



my 10 mth old daughter has a rash and went to dr today and they said eczema but she isnt itchy or dry skinned or even bothered by it and he has prescribed hydrocortozone cream i...


eczema! help!

my daughters eczema seems to be getting worse because of the warm weather. we bought some aquaphor and it really took care of her arms. her legs however are just getting worse....



Hi everyone, anyone having problems with eczema with their little ones. My son has major eczema and i'm so sad. He's covered in red bumps all over his entire body. we live in so...