Urine infections

My daughter started with a urine infection 5 months ago everytime the antiobiotics finish the wee infection returns within days, she has a scan on her kidneys next will will...


hypoplastic kidney refulx

my son has a right hypoplastic kydney, it works 24%, it also has refulx, i was just wounder if any other mother is going throgh the same thing as me, and what i may have comming...


The dangers of potty training too early

Long, but well worth the read. Re-posted from Strollerderby You’ve probably heard the arguments in favor of early toilet training. They train early in Europe! Toddlers...

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Why is my daughter's vag "semi closed"?

My pediatrician had pointed out my daughter had some extra skin closing her vagina. He did say that it was normal for her age and it will disappear on it's own. I've never heard...

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To Circumsize or not to?

My hunny and I are going endlessly back and forth about this whole circumsicion issue. My family was/is born and raised Catholic, (I am no longer such, we are a different...

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Bubble Baths

Hi everyone :) Last night I got an email from babycenter.com that said it isn't safe to give babies bubble baths until they are at least 3 years old. The reason was because the...

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I see alot of posts here and there about it and this might sound really dum of me but i dont get it. I know its big in the U.S but here in the U.K its not somthing you see or...

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Circumcision: Frequently asked questions

What is male circumcision? The word circumcision means “to cut around”. In male infants, circumcision is a surgical operation which involves tearing the foreskin* away from...

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