dating post baby..

Hey everyone, I'm new to this, and it's been on my mind for a while now to start blogging. Not so much to be a "blogger" but more to let off some steam.. I'm a single mom, and...

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Custody and a Sociopathic Ex

Hello all, I am new to the circle. My story is a bit of a long one, but without some context, everything is upside down. I'll give you the reader's digest version. (I wish...


Taking care of a parent

This is my dilemma--I have been a great single mom to my two boys for the last 17 YRS. They are now 19 and 21. My 21 year old developed paranoid schizophrenia and borderline...

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How to deal with the I forgets and the I dunnos?

My oldest stepdaughter has a major issue with forgetting and then not taking responsibility for actions or for her role around the house. She was having trouble following...

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The hardest choice of my life

I have a beautiful little girl who is 3 1/2 years old. She has an older brother that she may or may not meet someday. He is almost 7 1/2. After some unfortunate events, the...

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HELP Very Concerned MAMMA!!! with two concerns???

my daughter's 3 year old check up was today. we just switched her to a different practice because her doctor was highly recommended but close to retirement age and we found to...

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Nasty 15 year old step daughter

I have been helping a 15 year old step daughter for 8 years now. Things finally blew up last night, oh happy Mother's Day. Nasty and entitled is a description in a nutshell....


my son's story

I found out I was pregnant at 17 and had my wonderful son 9 days before I turned 18. I was with his father we I found out I was pregnant but it didnt last long. When my son was...

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13-Blessing or Curse? We decide

I thank God for the testimony of being delivered from a perverted, rebellious and even rejected time in my life. I can litereally remember when I turned 13 and felt like "a...



I just started a new MOM Blog. I talk about being a NYC 24 year old single, stay at home mom of a 10 month old boy, my breastfeeding issues, and my child being bi-ethnic. CHECK...

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Pregnant and Husband Deployed

My husband was deployed on April 12 of this year to Afghanistan (2nd tour, Iraq being his first). 2 days before he deployed, we found out we were expecting our first child...