Anyone have any ideas for Salmon? We have been craving Sokeye and I want to do something other than the usual.


Need quick supper ideas

I need quick supper ideas I can make before going to work . I'm on a swing shift and have three kids. It would also be great if I could take it to work to for my lunch. Any ideas?


Meals...What to serve?

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to FB and therefore fairly new to this community as well. I am writing because my son is a very picky eater and I am at a loss on what to...

Started by Karrin on 08/18/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Home made baby food?

Any suggestions for home made stage 3 type meals? I will be starting my son on meat in the next month, I think (he's 8 months old, I can't remeber when to start on meat). I...


Adult foods tastes.

Do your kids like foods that are not typically kids foods??? My 3 and 2 yr olds like oysters, baby octopus, olives, feta cheese, licorice. What foods will your kids eat that...


Favorite recipe!

I'm always looking for new ideas. Just wondering what everyone's favorite recipe is? Send a link or type it out. I need to know what to make for dinner tomorrow...lmao.


eating issues

we just took my daughter to see a nutritionist due to weight gain, she suggested alot of ways to add extra calories to foods but it made me wonder what do most people feed their...


Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

My son is 15 months old. I'm running out of lunch ideas. What do you feed your toddlers? Do you have any ideas to share? I'm looking for something that isn't too expensive to...

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help! need meatless recipes

My husband decided that he wants to eat less meat. I have no idea what to make now. Just looking for some dinner recipes that are easy. Could use breakfast for dinner recipes...


15-Minute Meals?

Up until a few weeks ago, my 8-month-old was happy to play in his bouncer while I made dinner. But now that he's more mobile, he doesn't like being in his bouncer for more than...

Started by Alyce on 02/13/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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what solids do you give your child

My son is just over a year old and I am trying to wean him off jar food and on to normal food. What kind of things does your child like? My son only has two teeth so I try not...

Started by Vicky on 04/21/2010 in March 2009 Babies

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Menu For The Week

I usually have my menu done by today but I have no idea what I want to cook. I need some help so let me see your menus. This is what I have decided so far: Sunday- I am...


What can I eat that has protein in it?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have a very picky baby... I can't eat any bone-in chicken, only chicken breast, not really big on ground beef. I was eating many small meals a day,...

Started by Shakeisha on 03/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

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