Cloth vs Disposables

I'm having twins so i am trying to weigh up the costs and benefits of cloth and disposables. We are thinking cloth at home and disposables when we go out. But then terry nappies...


Hitting a Child

I've been following a thread about a Mom who is seeking advice about how to get her child to stop hitting and she mentions that she has tried everything including hitting her...


my son is crawling

hi everyone just thought i would start a conversation about things that are going right with our 8 month olds instead of asking another question about whats going wrong. my son...

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Teen dating abuse? Why is it so confusing?

Hi everyone- this is my first post - on any site, actually. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you for sharing your...

Started by Tracy on 06/10/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Is it Autism?

I know they say Autism can't be diagnosed until the age of two, but I am wondering if maybe you can tell earlier than this. My daughter is 7 months old, and since she was about...

Started by Tandi on 04/13/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Moms who work nights

Are there any other moms here who work nights? I am a nurse and work 3-4, 12hour night shifts a week. It can be stressful, with the kids home during the day, me trying to sleep...

Started by Bevely on 06/09/2011 in Working Moms

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Is pain a teacher in your house?

So, when your kids are doing something they shouldnt - are there times you resort to, "fine, but if you get hurt, dont come crying to me!" I have to admit that I do. My son was...

Started by Veronica on 02/06/2011 in Hot Topics

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Breastfeeding troubles!

Hi there, my son is now 4 months 8 days. For the last month he has been fussing and fighting during the day during feeding times; but he will feed at night. I have...

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what should I do?

I am a 20 year old mother of a 13 month old boy. I am happily engaged to a wonderful man and father. My fiance and myself have been together 3 years, engaged for 2. I was...


Actually taking blame and lying...

my SD is 4. When something is done wrong at my house she actually takes blame for things even when he doesn't do it. So she is the one who gets in trouble. It actually makes...

Started by Rachael on 01/07/2011 in Step Moms

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Breastfeeding rant

I was talking to my good friend today. I'll start by saying that my friend is a guy and has no children. Anyway, he was trying to convince me to do some liquid diet. I told...


Wanting advice!

I stay at home with my children. I have a son turning 4 in December and a daughter turning 2 in December. I was thinking about putting my son in to preschool for two days a week...

Started by Kelly on 08/31/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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should i be held guilty for this?

so my 4 yr old is adhd and has been getting really defiant lately to the point that i have to have someone her to help me. i was reading about ODD and the symptoms of it and...


Stop rocking??

I love rocking/cuddling my little boy to sleep, but I really think he's old enough now to go to bed on his own (He's 14 1/2 months). Or is he not? I usually rock him for 15-60...

Started by Nichole on 12/02/2010 in Toddlers

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