What makes us want everything to be fair???

As Christians we want things to be fair...and for our kids to have what is fair...not to feel left out...take Halloween for instance...we will celebrate it and let our kids take...

Started by Tina on 10/26/2009 in Christian Moms

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feeling terribly uncomfortable at the gym

Hi.. i was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice about going to the gym or if anyone else has or has had the same issues. 4 days ago i purchased a gym membership and...


How do you decide?

My husband and I are trying to update our will, so that if anything happens to us our wishes are met as far as our daughter goes. How do you decide who to leave your children...


cloth diapers!!!

I am 24 years old and I am a new mom. I have a 6 month old named Laura Bethany and she is my best friend! I wanted to find out if there is anyone on here that uses cloth...

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Is it just faze

My son is 11 months old and cracks the sads at everything if you take something off him that he isnt ment to be playing with he just burts in to tears it has been going on for...

Started by Kim on 02/08/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Hello to everyone!

Hello ladies, my name is Jennifer and I am new to the city and feeling a little homesick and overwhelmed. Things are very different here from my hometown and its been a little...

Started by Jennifer on 01/16/2009 in Moms In Calgary

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tantrums!! help

My son is 8 months and has started throwing tantrums!! I know he is teething and that is partly why he gets so upset, but when you don't give him what he wants (like your cell...

Started by Katie on 11/18/2010 in Babies And Infants

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has any1 else this problem!

i am potty training my son who is 2yr,its been 2 wks an he is goin well he wee's in d potty after gettin up in d morn and after naptime ,its just dat wen he tells me he has wee'...

Started by Colette on 02/03/2010 in Potty Training

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Small Babies

Hi! I just joined this group. I wish I would have found it sooner. I have a 9 month old BF baby who is really small. Does anyone have a small one? His Ped is trying to...

Started by Kathy on 11/13/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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My husband is lieing on his facebook page.

He says he's moved out and is separated. We have only talked about it but he has not moved out. What do I do? He used to put it on his status but he has turned off this status...

Started by Gayle on 01/26/2009 in Want To Vent?

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YOur child should model :-)

My son is very happy, and smiling all the time, doesn’t cry, but smiles when strangers talk to him, and after being told my son should model…I had him try out and he made...


Help with diagnosis?

My son is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD co morbid ODD. But lately I am beginning to question if we have the correct diagnosis. He has been on five different...


Oct. 28th - So ready to have this baby!

pregnant with my 2nd boy we are naming him Bentley. my due date is nov 5th but having my c section on oct 28th!! we can not wait for him to be here and meet his big brother...

Started by Sarah on 10/03/2010 in Expecting

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Religious Background

hi I am new here and i was wondering what everyone's religious back ground is? Please share only if you want to (obviously =P). I am a Seventh Day Adventist. Hope to get to...

Started by Lynda on 01/11/2009 in Christian Moms

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