my son throws temper tramprums he is on a steriod called Prednisone is anyone else on this type of medicine


Our gorgeous ballerina

Our daughter Eloise is 4 and has 3 types of seizures that are uncontrolled. It doesn't stop her from dancing though. This photo was taken before we headed off to her dance concert.


New here

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I am not a mother of an epileptic child or one who has seizres, but this is why I joined this community. I was thee caretaker of a child with...



My 4 1/2 yr old son Dylan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 15 months old, 3 months later he started to have seizures. He was put on pheonbarbitol 3 yrs ago to...


Seizure at night

My son fell yesterday evening while playing outside and hit his head on the concreat. He's had seizures for about 2 1\2 years or so. I was very afraid he would have one in his...


Turning Blue

I typed this before and I'm not sure what happened to it so sorry lol. I am wondering if anyone else's kid turns blue during a seizure. This symptom is somewhat new to us this...


VNS Therapy

Hi! Just joined today and wondering if anyone has had success with VNS Therapy for their kids. Dayne was bitten by a mosquito in 2001 and contracted encephalitis. He had a...


Left Hemishperectomy

My 21 month old just had a left hemispherectomy. Im new to circle of moms and hoping to find some moms who have been through this. Anyone else have a child who had the LEFT...


We are going Keto

We just started Keto diet after being on Atkins for 2 years. Hoping to get better control. Our son is 13 with intractable seizures ( all types) Started when he was 8. Anybody on...



Hi, my daughter is just over 2.5 and I noticed when they raised her Tegretol (generic version) dose she began stuttering a lot. Is that a side effect and/or common with the med?...