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breastfeeding as contraception?

Hey mums! How reliable is breastfeeding as a contraception? or would it be better for me to get a mini pill to be safe? I've always heard how breastfeeding is a good natural...


Just took him to court....he is pissed!

Quick background...I got pregnant early in the relationship. When prego he was in Afghanistan. He came home and was around on weekends (due to the Army) then was off to Iraq...


midwife or doctor?

I'm trying to decide whether to go with a midwife or doctor for my next baby. I know I want to give birth in a hospital, in case of an emergency, but I think I'd like to have a...


Here's a good one for you....

I watch Family Guy, yes, the obscenely rude and wrong television show on Fox. Their latest straight-to-dvd episode, Partial Terms of Endearment, brings up the subject of...


Don't like being a mum

At the risk of bringing the wrath of nearly 30,000 women on my head - I don't like being a mum. My son was born 10, nearly 11 years ago. Before he was born I was going to...


How will this year's election affect you?

I originally posted this in the Student Moms community but nobody's ever in there, haha. So I changed it up a bit to include everyone. Plenty of people talk about how the...

Started by Jaime on 09/29/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 10/08/2012 by Janice


New research on smacking

SMACKING, long used by parents to discipline naughty children, could cause more than tears. Research revealed it can also lower a child's IQ, with those smacked up to three...

Started by Charlie on 09/25/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 09/27/2009 by .



Just wondered what everyone's views were on abortion ? In certain circumstances, i agree with it (like a young teenager, bout 13/14, who hasnt been properly educated about...

Started by Sarah on 06/11/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 06/29/2010 by Jaime


Being A Daddy - Does Man Have A Choice?

In my area there are a lot of girls who have purposefully set out to get pregnant so that they don't have to work and they can use the child as a reason to keep some guy in...

Started by ?? on 08/11/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 08/16/2009 by Tracy


Is it fair to give up your Mother

What do you think ( I posed this question on Twitter and there were a lot of tweets)? Pretty much every year this is how my Mother's Day plays out. For me Mother's Day...

Started by Terry on 05/07/2010 in Working Moms

Last update on 12/26/2011 by Toni


Delayed Entry Into School

My son Braxton was born in mid-October. Has anyone else experienced having to delay their child's entry into school because of their birthdate? Do you agree with this?

Started by Katina on 04/11/2012 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 12/30/2014 by Lisa


When to give/add baby cereal

Kamryn is almost 3 months ( On the 16th) and I give her 4 oz bottles every 2-3 hours. To me, it seems it should be enough, but sometimes she wants more (So I give her more)...

Started by Amber on 07/09/2010 in April 2010 Babies!

Last update on 07/31/2010 by Tabatha



Hi to all my fellow Pagan Moms! Just wondering if anyone celebrated Samhain with their little ones =) If you would like to share what you did we would love to hear it....

Started by Denyse on 11/06/2009 in Pagan Moms

Last update on 03/11/2015 by Jahan

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