~CoM Convention Update~

I spoke with the CoM VP of Marketing!! YIPPEE! We had a wonderful conversation about different aspects of the potential convention. The both of us were full of enthusiasm, and...

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6 weeks pregnant after miscarrige in feb

i had a miscarrige in feb this year and have just found out im 6 weeks pregnant although really pleased about this im really scared aswell.... I am having alot of trouble...

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Im so disappointed in him..

Okay so I just got on myspace.. Just taking a trip down memory lane.. And I come across a conversation between my daughters dad and I and Im just so let down. He acted like he...


Sometimes help is no help

Okay so up until recently my husband has been virtually no help with anything. After nagging him about it forever he has finally been working on helping out occasionally. The...


The "God" Particle

The physics nerds are geeking out over the latest news coming out of CERN, aka the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Scientists announced that one of the latest...

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Fussy Baby

My son is 7 Months old will be 8 Months old on the 14th...He is constantly fussy I know he's teething but he always acts like he's tired he can take a 3 hour nap he will wake up...

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love my child more than a man

I'm not complaining or asking a question. I just wanted to explain how I'm feeling as a single mother. I am 24 years old and I have a 2 year old girl. I love this little girl...

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When do I step back and let her be a BIG GIRL?

My 4 year old is getting to that age where she is getting frustrated with me because I pick out what she is wearing, how to do her hair and I make her plate etc... Well she is...

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Neosure vs Enfacare?

My daughter was born at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and was in the NICU for 2 1/2 weeks for feeding issues, interutering growth restriction, low body temprature and jaundice....

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How old were your kids?

So I am very exited! I am a mom of triplet toddlers and in the last 2 months all 3 of them have asked Jesus to live in their hearts. They will be 3 in October and I just find it...

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My pediatrian has changed over to my daughter having no more than 16 ounces of formula a day to feed her baby food for 3 meals and use juice to supplement the formula. The...

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Baby tooth decay???

My son has 7 teeth and I just noticed the newest one coming in looks sort of grey and has a brown spot towards the underneath. I fear this is tooth decay! He just turned one and...

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Anyone elses baby a slow grower ?

My daughter was born 7lb 11oz (3.5kg) after initil weight loss down to 7lb 3oz (3.27kg) she took 3 weeks to get back to birth weight and 8 weeks on is still only 9lb 11oz...



I've been in a conversation in another community about a husband having a female friend. And I'm amazed that I'm basically the only person who says that men and women can be...


husband on chat rooms

lately my husband has been getting on chat rooms when he gets home from work. He was on one for six hours last night. I don't know what to do about it

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Potty training going nowhere!

I started potty training my son about 6 months ago and all went well, he sat on the potty and did his business no problem ! We were forced to take a break due to a nasty tummy...

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