My 3 1/2 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with dyspraxia and until a few weeks ago I didn't even know such a thing existed! She's being scheduled to have a complete...


Any tips for a mom of twins?

I have four kids under four. I have a 4 year old son, 3 year old daughter, & 8 month old twins boy & girl. I'm the most unorganized person ever. I need some tips! I...


no more pull ups and summer is the best time.

I am a mother of a premie that is now 2y 9m and a 6yr old as well as a dayhome provider. This is a great time of year to be potty training. Both of my girls were stubborn to...

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Facts/Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder. And statistics show us that approximately 1 in 100 people are living with Epilepsy today. It is thought, these numbers may be higher since...


......not due to her asthma

My daughter has been a thriving, beautiful little beauty for 6 years. At 2mo she was exposed to my niece with a bronchial infection and then she developed RSV. While her RSV...


bladder control lets try again

my 4 1/2 girlis having problems with bladder control. Her 2 older sisters were toilet trained by 2 1/2 and her younger sister who is 2 is almost fully trained as well. Miss has...


Alternative Lifestyles.

Hello all. I am new to this app, and thought this would be the group to join. I am a unique mom, with a unique family. I am Polyamourous, and was wondering if there are any...

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Zach's Club feet

Hi all, I hope you don't mind me joining the group! Here is our story... My son Zach is 4 years old and he was born with bilateral clubfoot. We didn't know that he had...


Child Support Complications?

My son is 2 years old now and I do not get child support. I have filed before and they were unable to locate his father. Now, I am trying again, but his father has not filed...

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New Member here!!

HI All! I am 39 this year and I have 4 teenagers now...17b,16b, and twin 14g. Life is never boring in our household!! People ask me how I manage to keep my sanity... I think...

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I am a single mom, work 3rd shift, going to school. I feel like I never get to slow down. My son is in school and having problems. He has ADHD we are changing his meds again...

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Big gap in ages? How do you deal?

Hi there. I'm new here. I have 3 kids. My two boys are 13 and 9 1/2. I have a daughter born June 1. l was remarried 3 1/2 years ago and she's our little love bug. She's starting...

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How to lose weigh

I just had my second baby and I want to really lose weigh in my thighs

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My Miracle Daughter

i found out i was pregnant when i was 4wks along. On Christmas Eve i had a lot of sharp pains & some spotting, i went to the hospital & they did a U/S and saw 3 Little babies,...

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Can anyone help?

I've only 18 weeks to go until the due date of my first and i was wondering if anyone had any tips or could tell me of their own experiences on what normally happens etc in your...

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my bubs is 7mths old and fully breastfeed but his grand parents want to have him for a few hours a week and what i would like to know is how much bf milk would i need to express...

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