We use Happy Heiny's one size cloth diapers and love them! But as my 8 month old is growing and he's used them since birth, some have become a bit stained. I cannot sun bleach...



Anyone know the best way to get orange baby food stains out of bibs?


Stinky diapers.

My son wears the motherease cloth diapers, and has since he was a newborn. He is 9 mos. now, and I can't keep them from smelling strongly of urine as soon as they get wet. It...


getting formula out of clothes

My mom and my friend are both well meaning, but when they watch my son and he spits up, they change him but don't rinse the clothes right away. Now his clothes are all getting...

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Getting out poop stains??

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting out those yucky poop stains! My boys never pooped through their diapers like my little girl is doing. I soak the dirty...



all of our cotton and hemp prefolds are stained right now from my 3.5 month old's bright yellow breastfed poop. I live in Canada where it's not exactly bright and sunny out...


Laundry help, How to remove formula stains?

A friend gave me a bunch of clothes her kids couldn't wear anymore, I am trying to wash them all up, but some have formula stains I cant remove. My boy is breastfed and we've...

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Are poop stains forever?

My son is mainly breastfed so he still has those wonderful runny poops! On those occasions that his diaper does leak, it doesn't matter how quickly I get to him once he has...


stains!!!! AHHHH! HELP! lol

send recommendations for the best all purpose stain remover/pretreater! we all hate stains...but i SUCK at gettting them out! needs to work on strawberries and cherries...

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