cradle cap

i am a 63 year old grandmother. when my children were babies my doctor told me to use zincon shampoo that you buy at a drug store. ask drugest its an adult shampoo you use only...


Cradle cap remedies???

My 3 month old son has cradle cap and I was wondering if there were any remedies out there to help get rid of it, or does it just go away on it's own eventually????

Started by Cynthia on 09/18/2010 in Working Moms

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Cradle cap on a two year old?

Eric has been itching his head alot, I parted his hair and saw he has what looks like cradle cap! I wash his hair with johnsons shampoo, why did he get this? How do I fix it?...



My 11 year old daughter has really thick hair. We have been battling dandruff forever it seems like. We've been to the dermatologist and said to use T-Gel. We did and it...

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cradle cap at 14 months

any other 14mos olds out there with cradle cap? Can't seem to get rid of it!!

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Started by Tina on 09/24/2010 in July 2009

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Cradle cap

My son is two months old and he got cradle cap a couple weeks ago. I have been putting vasaline in it, and combing it, and washing it and it looks the same day after day. I...


baby eczema

my twins both have eczema from ther necks up.. ive been trying different things before i take them into the doctor for it.. has anyone got babies with this and if so is there...

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Seborrhea Dermititis

My son is 7 and has Seborrhea Dermititis (on infants its called cradle cap). I have used regular shampoo to medicated shampoo and can't get it to go away completely. Any...