Please Help!!! Baby Names!!!

Please help, im looking for both boys and girls names. I found out not too long ago im pregnant but with being the kind of person i am i like to have things pick out early,...


Baby girl names?

I am wondering if anyone has any name ideas! I am due now with my second little girl. I named my first little one Grace so would like something that would sort of go with that!...


Need help with girl names. Please =)

I posted something almost the same as this last week but i didn't get much help on the topic. I am almost 20 weeks into my pregnancy and I am having a girl. Just trying to get...

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what are your childrens names

i am pregnant with my second child i already have a lil boy called ashton. me and my partner can not agree on any names for a girl or a boy.

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Any unique names that aren't over done?

I'm pregnant with my second child and have no names in mind yet! We're not finding out the sex until birth so any fun unique names for both boys and girls?

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Americas top 100 most used names in 2009

Popularity in 2009 Rank Male name Number of males Female name Number of females 1 Jacob 20,858 Isabella 22,067 2 Ethan 19,664 Emma 17,716 3 Michael 18,677 Olivia 17,246 4...

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Need help picking a name badly!!!

Hi! I'm new on here, pregnant with my first. We are expecting a little girl in 1 week and we still dont know what to call her. I would LOVE some name suggestions. It's been...

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We need help with some girl names...

We are looking for original girl names, we don't know yet what we are having, (but I am so hoping it is a girl!!) and we have a son named Zackary William. If we have a boy my...

Started by Bambi on 08/29/2009 in Moms Under 30

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whats ur kids names?

just out of curiousity i was wonder what names everyone chose for there kids? i have 1 daughter (20months old) her name is taylor lily


Suggestions for girl names!

I am 7 months pregnant with my second child and we know (as much as one can:) that it is going to be a girl but we are having the HARDEST time trying to find a name! Thought it...