sight words

Any good ideas on teaching sight words to a six yr old? We've tried writing, reading, games, workbooks, videos, flashcards, and songs.

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Suggestions on sight words.

My son is suppose to know almost 90 words just by looking at the words. is there any suggestions any one could give me on how to teach these to him better.


homeschool ideas for pre k

any ideas on helping me prepare my son who is 5 and will start k this fall 2010.. anyone have any stuctured idea of a daily plan on learning etc????

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Quick Intro!

Hey peeps! I am a Special Education teacher for 1st and 3rd grade. I have an almost 18 month old son at home and it is hectic. LAst night, he found my sight word flashcards...

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Needs Ideas

My daughter Sophie just graduated Kindergarten.. They want us to continue to teach her these site words they gave her.. She is having a hard time learning them.. Any ideas to...

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I have been so far teaching my daughter "reading" on my own. She is currently four, and knows her upper and lower case letters and is starting to learn sounds. I am just curious...


Need help

Need help with helping my 5yr old with learning numbers and learning how to read. If anyone has any advice on how I can help him please tell me.

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Baby Can Read Program

Hi Ladies! Does anyone have experience of knowledge of the Baby Can Read program? My sis-in-law has been looking into this program for her son but has gotten very mixed...

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using my baby can read

Has anyone used "my baby can read" Does it really work? I am thinking of getting it for my 9 month old, but i don't want to wait to long.

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Tips on raising bilingual children

I live in Puerto Rico and we speak Spanish only in my house, I am bilingual but not always want to speak English to my daughter. Besides the TV shows and movies, what other tips...

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Your Baby Can Read - But Why?

You’ve seen the infomercial – a baby sitting in a highchair with mom proudly holding up flashcards that the baby is READING. The voice comes on: “Now with our special...

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hi we are new to this site. we have a son who is 8 and half years old and has no interest in reading. He knows his letters and the sounds they make but refuses to read. does...


Question about preparing for preschool

I'm trying to prepare my daughter for preschool so we got her a few of the preschool work books. She is doing very well with the "Thinking Skills", "Colors", and "Shapes" but...

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