Maybe we did TOO good a job...

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Posted by You (Jan. 21, 2009 at 4:37 pm) I am the single professional mother of a 12 year old soon to be 13 only child. I am so very glad this...

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17 with a baby 19 months old need help

I had my daughter at 15 me and her father was not together when it happened, but he was there for me and her throughout my entire pregnancy. When my little girl was 3 months old...


Thinking of baby #2

Okay,lets see where too begin!Ive been thinking of having another baby bc my son is the only child and he has NO ONE too play with and Im having baby fever.I actually convinced...

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Quality time

It seems more and more parents these days let children watch large amounts of television and eat McDonald's at a young age and fairly often. I know there are still a lot of...


" Oh Canada"

I'm in disgust that the Canadian governent are actually leaning towards not singing " oh Canada" in schools any more!! The reason? Because it might make others feel left out and...

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HPV Vaccine risks are serious?!

From: The Stir Well, now I know for sure what my answer will be when my almost 11-year-old daughter's pediatrician asks if we want the HPV vaccine at her next check-up: An...

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How do you feel about daycare?

ive been thinking about puttin my 17 month son into daycare while i attend work and school.. and im worried bc he isnt use to being around other children so he wont do well and...


No-frills packaging for cigarettes

ANDREW TILLETT CANBERRA, The West Australian April 29, 2010, 2:21 am Cigarette packets will be stripped of colours, logos, slogans and pictures by 2012 under what is being...

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cloth diapers

Anyone else happily using cloth diapers? Tips or hints? I am finding it simple and wishing more people would consider trying it.


How do you motivate a boy to potty train?

My 3 year old is capable of using the potty but has no desire for some reason. I'm trying to reward him (stickers-animal crackers) and get excited when he uses the potty (he...

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19 and expecting baby number 2

im 19 and i have a 1 year old daughter and i rencently found out im 4 week's pregnant. so i was just wondering how many other young mum's have 2 kid's close together and how...



My LO is trying to climb out of her crib she in 17mths should i change her bed or wait?



Okay, so I have 3 month old whos father wants nothing todo wih her.....MY best friend who ive known for a while has now became my man. I get scared to think that my lil one will...

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Letting Kids Sample the Booze

'Tis the season! Actually, I come from a family where no one is a really drank at all. We never had beer/wine/booze at the table. My dad had a beer occassionally, my mom the...

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