Does anyone use Dr. Brown's bottles?

I like these bottles because they seem to cut down on the amount of gas my daughter has because she's not eating as many air bubbles. However, with all of the pieces I'm...

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I can't remember how long to sterilize for. I understand some ppl didn't really bother, but what's the 'recommended' time? Is 6mths okay or should I go the 12mths?


Bathing Nightmares!

My 6 month old absolutely HATES baths. I mean screaming bloody murder the same way she did in the NICU when they were putting a feeding tube up her nose - the same terrible...



My daughter, now 12months, used to love bathtime. Now she screams every time we get close to the bath. I don't think anything obvious happened, like her hurting herself, she...


Do you still sterilize?

At 10 and a half months do you still steralize bottles? I somethimes think why am I bothering when he crawls around all day and eats all sorts from the floor... but then i think...

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How often do you give a bath?

My little guy is not fond of baths so I do alot more just using wipes and damp cloths to bathe. Is that okay?

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Sterilzation of baby's bottles

Hi everyone My son is 19.5 mnths old now. I've been sterilizing his bottles since his birth. Today the sterilizer broke down suddenly. So i was a bit hesistant to give him...


When do you stop sterilising bottles?

My daughter is 9 mths old and has been on solids for 4-5 months, she eats whatever we have and her bowls etc aren't sterilised or her drinking cup and she drinks water from tap....

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what do i do?

my 2 year old daughter used to LOVE bath time it would often be hard to get her out. but since she has been to her dads ( we are seperated she goes every tuesday) she is...

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