Sippy Cup Holders

http://www.sippycupholders.com No more dropped, thrown, or lost sippy cups or baby bottles...use on high chairs, strollers, grocery carts and tables. The only flexible sippy...

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sippy cups

at what age should a child get off a sippy cup


Sippy cups

Is anyone familiar w/ the Learning Curve brand sippy cups? They are supposed to be the best spill-proof and leak-proof cups out there. I think they are also drink-proof b/c my...

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Sippy cup advice

I finally got my son off bottles and now I am looking for a good sippy cup. I know it's difficult to find one that is truly leak prooof, but my main concern is when I carry it...

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wont hold his sippy cup

My 7 month old son, wont hold his sippy cup, theres little holders but he wont hold them, is there any good way to teach him how to hold on.

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Drinking from a Cup

Any luck with cup training? Alec has tried 3 different types of sippy cups. They land on the floor or he gets their tops off. If I use a cup without a handle, the hands go in...


Getting my son to use a cup

My son is 10 months net week but will not use a cup or hold his bottle. How can I help him want to?

Started by Amanda on 03/23/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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which one will survive

So the new season is getting close so my prediction is Izzy will ride the elevator up all dressed up and see George and George will give her this look of its going to be alright...


Caitlin relaxing

This is my sweetheart. I call her Princess. I could never love anyone more than I do her. I have always heard that they were wonderful. I have so much fun with her. When she...


Getting my 2yr old daughter off the bottle.

My daughter is attached to her bottle, she only get's it at nap time and bedtime. What can i do to get her off the bottle? I been told to just throw it out, but i want to do it...

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