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10 month old with severe skin condition.

My 10 month old developed a small rash on his cheek when he was 5 months old, and it developed into a huge rash that covered his entire cheak. Then another small dot developed...


Dry Skin

My daughter is 12 weeks old, and in the past week she has gotten super dry skin all over! As soon as it started, we cut her baths down to ever few days, short, and no soap...

Started by Heather on 06/16/2010 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 07/03/2010 by Ariz


Dry Skin

My daughter all the sudden got really dry skin, no matter what I put on it, it comes back.. she drinks lots of water and formula, so i'm stumped.. Any advice??

Started by Katt on 10/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 10/20/2009 by Katt


skin care

which lotion is better for babies ......my baby skin is so dry i am using baby lotion but her skin is so bad....please tell me which is better for babies...

Started by Nida on 02/03/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 02/04/2010 by Tally


Scratchy Skin

My son (3) and daughter (18mo) both scratch their skin until at times they break the skin. My son especially will scratch his upper arms, lower back and butt, and upper legs....


Pregnancy skin

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and my skin is always red and stings. It's started to sting when I wash it with ANYTHING and it never did before I was pregnant. I use proper face wash and...

Started by Stifler's on 01/19/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/23/2011 by Brenda


Sensitive skin!

My 8 month old boy Trevor has super sensitive skin! It's been a problem for a while now. He has dry, red patches on his arms and legs. When we have to put sunscreen on him or if...


Skin issues?

My 14 week old has developed red scaly patches on his arms back and tummy, they aren't bad but enough to make me worry. I called the pediatrician and the nurse said it sounds...

Started by Jessica on 08/14/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/14/2010 by Dara


Skin irritations?

My 5 month old has really bad skin. It is really dry and his cheek is constantly raw and even bloody some days. His forehead is so dry and he is always clawing at it. He looks...


***Bath and Baby Oils***

Did you know? The Danger: Some bath and baby oils contain liquid hydrocarbons, which can cause a serious pneumonia-like condition, irreversible lung damage, and even death if a...

Started by Katherine on 11/21/2010 in Informed Moms

Last update on 11/23/2010 by Julianne


Taking castor oil

I was wondering if any one her taking castor oil at 38 weeks I'm 37 now but next week I'm planning on trying it because I'm soooooo tired of being preg it feels like a entire...

Started by Shanda on 06/25/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 05/30/2016 by Jessdempsey


Oil and other natural resources...

On another thread, it was mentioned by someone that there is NO reason for the environmentalists to be upset about our dependence on oil. She suggested that we should continue...

Started by ME on 07/09/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 07/13/2010 by Christa


Dry Skin . Pls Help

my 11 week old son has VERY dry skin on his face. I have tried different lotions and nothing seems to be working. His doc said to use cetaphyl (sp?) but that makes it drier, Any...

Started by Adriana on 09/03/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 09/05/2009 by Atiya


small skin coloured bumps

my daughter has had these tiny skin colour bumps in her arms for ages and they wont go away. they dont bother her at all. a friend said they were soap spots. they rough to touch...

Started by Hannah on 04/26/2010 in Home Remedies

Last update on 09/04/2012 by Katherine


Bumps on babies skin?

My 7 month old has small bumps all over him.I first noticed them on him stomach,now there on his face, legs and a few on his back.You can feel them more then see them.Any...

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