had my tattoo done

well to day iv had my first tattoo done i had foot prints with my dauters name and dat of birth 8D so pleased now just thort wouild tell you any tips of how to take care and...

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My daughter has lived with eczema for 5 years now. I have recently found non-prescription products that have allowed us to live eczema free for 1 year and counting. It's...


Dry skin...

My oldest son seems to have really dry skin and sometimes has flare-ups of eczema. Usually those flare-ups are doing the winter season so I try to keep him extra moisturized...



Hi All! My 8 month old has eczema and nothing is getting rid of it. We cut his diet back to formula, pear juice and rice cereal so we can check on food allergies again. I...


Proper tattoo aftercare

My artists tells me to just wash them with antibacterial soap and put unscented lotion on them periodically. But the lotion stings too much, even with out scent in it. A...



My son is 7 months old. About a month ago we noticed his face was dry, red and bumpy. I put everything I could find on it and nothing helped. It didn't seem to bother him... But...


2 yr old with eczema

Any advice on how to soothe the baby's itching skin? Any product advice for kids with eczema?

Started by Crystal on 12/13/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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eczema ideas!!!

one of my twins has really bad eczema that flairs up in the heat and at nite; the doctor said benadryl at nite and vaseline during the day. it still looks really bad, any ideas...

Started by Tasha on 07/09/2009 in Twins

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Dry skin?

My daughter is 10 1/2 months old and has dry skin on her legs. She doesn't get a bath everyday but it's winter time so it's really dry, what do you moms suggest using?...


extremely dry skin in the face area

Hello I have a four and a half month old son, who has extremely dry skin on his face. Any suggestions on how to clear it up? Our daycare suggested baby oil, but was wondering...