spit up

My 6 month old son spits up ALOT!! He is breast fed and supplemented with formula (he is a twin and I cant keep up with nursing both of them 100%). He takes 4 to 6 oz every 3 to...


Reflux Help Needed!

One of my twin boys has really bad reflux that is making everyone's life miserable. I feel absolutely horrible for him because he is so uncomfortable. He spits up, throws up,...


Can babies grow out of Lactose intolerance?

We were originally told that Ellie was lactose intolerant, but after 6 weeks of diorhea the GP finally changed her specialist prescribed milk formula for one that was totally...


what to use for excema?

My daughter is 2yrs old n suffers from bad excema. ive took her to the doctors but everything they have said doesnt work for her... does anyone have any ideas on what i could...

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My 10 month old has really bad eczema, i have tried so much to try and relieve it for him. nothing is working. i have tried steriod creams from dr's, pinatasol, goats milk soap,...

Started by Rachel on 01/06/2010 in Moms Under 30

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why so fussy?

My 7 week old baby boy cries so much I pick him up he cries I lay him down he cries I feed him more he still cries I rocked him he still cries what can be wrong him first time...


When did you start solids?

Hi all When did you start solids on your bub? My little one is 4 and a bit months old, she is drinking so much milk a day, i was wondering, if maybe she needed a bit more I...


H.E.L.P Im at the end of my rope

My baby is 5 weeks and colic. We have changed her fomula and that helped her digestive issues but all she wants to do is be held....she will be in a dead sleep and you can...

Started by Shandis on 03/21/2010 in Moms Under 30

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