How do I handle My 4 year old's behavior?

My daughter has been through alot. Her father and I were teenage parents and currently we are going through a custody battle. He hid her from me for a month and currently she is...

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life being controled, please id like advise.

Im 32 i have 3 kids. I just went through a seperation. I literally packed our clothes and had my mom come get us. My ex took the car back..it was in his name...so i have...

Started by Shayla on 04/23/2013 in Single Moms

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Aspie unlearning to read?

Hi, I just joined Circle of Moms, mainly because I have no mom friends that have children with Asperger's and I need help and someone who can relate. I have a 7 year old with...


Husband annoyed by baby's crying

So my husband seems to be really annoyed with our 3 month old daughter when she's crying or being grumpy. Thing is, he never picks her up and if i don't he either tells me to or...

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The neighborhood restaurant

Our house seems to be the go to place for 5 kids in the neighborhood. I like it this way. We have some fun things to do and usually have some fun/healthy snacks. Usually they...


Problems with school, what can i do?

My son is 5 years old, and recently diagnosed with ADHD combined. He has also always been unique, and always had a quick temper...but when he started kindergarten this year it...


ADHD and food sensitivities

I'm just wondering how many of you out there have kids that react to the foods they eat? My son has so many allergies/sensitivities, it's incredible and so hard. He can't eat...


Can anyone help and suggest?

At time of birth, my son's breathing moment was fast so he was shifted to ICU and afer 3 days, he had minor convulsion. At the age of 6 months, he was crying excessively. Doctor...


Will it ever get better?

Hi I'm new here. My daughter Annabelle is 5 and she has grey matter heterotopia and she has had some really bad seizures and been hospitalized due to them and she has absent...



Good day. I have a 13 year old daughter who was secretly dating/seeing a 14 year old boy. I was unaware that they secretly saw each other 6 times since they met on social media...

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