any tips to have a girl?

hi ladies, my husband and i have started trying for our second baby - yay, so excited!! we have a little boy already who is 2, and would love to have a little girl - obviously...

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i am a mum of 5 girls and want a boy

I have 5 girls and would like still to have a boy, does anyone have any really good advice that i could practice ;) lol still deciding whether or not we should try

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Trying to have a boy. Any ideas?

Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice on how to have a boy. I have two beautiful girls that I wouldn't change for the world, but would really like to have a boy. Does anyone...

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How to Have a baby girl

For those of you who want to have a girl- first find out when you ovulate, you can buy an ovulation package at your pharmacy, which includes taking your temp daily and watching...


How can i conceive a baby girl? tired of having boys.

Am planning to take in but scared of the sex of the baby. ve 2boys already dont want to ve the next baby and it will be a boy cos i plan stoppin at 3 kids. Can any one help!

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How can I have a boy?

My husband and I thinking about trying for another baby. We have 2 daughters together and he has 2 girls from a previous marriage. We would really like a boy. Any suggestions on...


Baby Girl

Ok Ok, i know this is like an old wives tale or something but does anyone know a way to better my chances of having a baby girl the second time around???? We are currently...


old wives tales for sex of baby

Hi all, I was wondering what anyone knows about old wives tales? I am pretty sure they wont work but I am willing to try anything that may give me a girl! My husband only...

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Concieve a boy

We are hoping to have a boy next... does anyone have anything ideas on ways to help us have a boy?

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