Hi, my name is Stori and my 9 year old daughter has VCFS. I am new to this group and look forward to talking with and sharing advise with other moms.


Health issues after the birth of your twins?

Hello gals! I was wondering if anyone else has experienced health issues after the birth of their twins.. My girls are about to be two years old and ever since their birth I...

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Hangin on by a thread......

My oldest is going to be 4 in August. At about 2 1/2 yrs old, he started his 'terrible twos', the whining, tantrums, throwing toys or hits at us when he's mad etc etc. It hasnt...

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Need some support...mommy blues??

Hi. I am a new mom, i have a baby girl, she is almost 5 months. She is my first baby. She is perfectly healthy and normal...in fact she is bigger than normal she is 99th % in...



my nearly 9 month old son wakes to feed still. once a night is ok, but when he's teething or sick or experiencing any other disturbance he wants to nurse too. it's hard once...

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is there something wrong with me?

i had my tubes tied 4 years ago after i had my daughter. ever since then i havent felt normal. my periods are not on schedule anymore and they have gotten worse. my last period...


From Breast milk to formula?

My baby is 3 weeks old, I have been pumping breast milk for her since she came home. I had originally planned on giving her formula but when I was in the hospital I decided to...

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How to prepare 5 y/o for kindergarten?

I have a step-daughter who turned 5 in March and she will be starting Kindergarten in September. Her mother's #1 priority in life has never been her children and therefore her &...

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potty training

Have any of you had problems w/potty training? My son will the 5 in November. If he has nothing on he will use the potty. If he has underwear on he pees them. I'm getting...


Is autism hereditary?

I have an autisic child and i worry about how he will fit into society as he grows up, wll he be able to get married, have children or will he pass on he's genetic disorder,...


Please help with sleep and tummy problems

So, I really made a huge mistake, and did not do sleep training early. Now I am paying the price. My daughter is 9 months old, and will not sleep the whole night in her crib....

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Doctor's duty of care

There's a post in SAHM where a doctor (ped) gave a baby the wrong vaccination. There was no adverse effects reported. The Doctor apologised and the mother was wondering if she...

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Sensory Processing Disorder

My 5 yr old son's OT thinks he has sensory processing disorder. Does anyone know anything about this. I've been researching but still don't understand. Any suggestions,...