First time flying

I'm flying home for the first time with my 2 month old. Any advice to make the trip easier for both of us?

Started by Nicole on 02/17/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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So tired of putting up with it

Ok, so he tells me a few months ago that I need to plan more when it comes to grocery shopping and that I need to make a weekly meal plan because we where spending too much on...


Cloth feminine products

So finally after 7.5 mos, I have a period. *sigh* What a drag! Since we cloth diaper full time, cloth wipes and all, I'v e become curious about cloth pads for women. Have any...


still heartbroken?

It has been 6 months since we separated. It was hard enough dealing with that. I loved this man very very much. Within days of our split he was already seeing someone else....


Chicken Recipes?

I'm getting tired of making the same old dishes. I try not to use ground meat, or red meat that often. I try to cook chicken and fish the majority of the time. However, I'm...


How to Teach Our Children?

As a parent I fell unsure of how to bring this up to beginning to teach my 2 older children (5 & 6), so I just haven't yet. I myself was not raised really in any religion at...

Started by Misty-Lynn on 09/17/2011 in Pagan Moms

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so my c-section is scheduled for nov 2... am a whole lot of excited and a whole lot of scared.. am not sure what to expect b4, during, and after its over.. if anyone can give...