How to get Full Custody of my son

Hi ladies, l am going through a rough time and l am not sure what to do anymore. l have a beautiful 2yr old baby boy, and l need full custody of my son. My common -law husband...


Pooping Machine

Sorry about the graphic title...but we're all moms so I'm sure this isn't your first discussion about poop! haha! So, I have a baby who used to poop once every couple of...


Life after HG

I have to say that I'm glad that I found this group after my pregnancy. While I was pregnant, I really didn't want to talk about HG with anyone. However, as soon as I gave...


When is it Privacy invasion?

Recently, my daughter left a private journal lying on the living room table. This journal is one that she started between herself and her best friend. She left it lying open and...



How many of you have your children on a schedule and how many are more take it as it comes? Either way IMO is great but I believe different things work for different families....



Okay, so I have 3 month old whos father wants nothing todo wih her.....MY best friend who ive known for a while has now became my man. I get scared to think that my lil one will...

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sharing my story

Well I am now 21 and expecting my 4th child..... It all started when I met my now husband when I was 16 (month away from 17) anyways we met and of course slept together soon...

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Do you give your child vitamins?

I've recently read that you should give children vitamins from ages 6months to 6 years. I haven't been giving my 2 year old vitamins, do you think I should start? What do you...

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Weaning and long term BF

My 13 month old still nurses 4-5 times a day. I put him to bed between 8 and 9pm and he's up to nurse at either 1130 or 300am then up for the day around 730 or 8am. I'd like...

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