Bambi or Baby?!

I am absolutely devestated by a comment my husband made this past weekend. I don't even know how to speak with him about the situation. He just gets defensive and tells me that...

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Is this just a phase??

My 3 year old ALWAYS has to be touching me, practically right on top of me!! He needs my undivided attention at all times!! He rarely will let his daddy cuddle up with him,...


Eating vs. Not Eating?

Hi, My Noah is 8 years old in 7 days. He has had Diabetes type 1 since age 4. He is not on a pump yet. Mainly because he won't eat properly. Since he became a Diabetic, he has...




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I am struggling to get my son to talk...

He says little things like bubye and Hi but not much else. He doesn't go to daycare like all my friends little one and they're little onese all started talking within the first...



we have a 3 year that's a biter.. he seems to do it in cycles.. when he's really tired of course is the worst.. we have tried everything.. he bites his sister more than anyone...


Violent TV

No, this is not a debate about whether violent things should be on TV. Or I don't intend it to be, anyway. I figure that's probably already been debated at some point. I also...

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post partum depression?

I am reading different posts on here and everything that I'm feeling seems to be common . My daughter is 4 months old and I'm a stay at home mom and this is my first! Now what...

Started by Jes on 01/17/2010 in Moms Under 30

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