My SD is 4. During the school year, we put her to bed at 8. In the summer we're a little more lax, and since she's with BM every other week, it's harder to stay in a routine...

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What time is bedtime & what are reasons...

you let your child stay up later? During weekdays DD(almost 6) goes to bed at 8 and gets up at 6 to get ready for school, We have to get up early because of a move we made and...

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Doesn't want bedtime feed!

My son is 6 months old and for awhile now he will only drink 1-3 oz of formula befor bed. We have a routine that we follow every night and he thrives from it. He is a great...

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When did you start a schedule/routine?

I am curious about other twins moms that successfully started their babys on schedules/routines. I have 4 week old twin boys that sleep great during the day & cry/fuss during...

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my daughter is a year and a half and still doesnt sleep through the night does anyone have any suggestions

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Does Summer throw your schedule off?

I am so turned around. I hate it. We are up late, sleep in late. Our whole routine is off. I dont know where I am coming or going. Not sure if they have brushed there teeth...

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Why is she waking up early?

My daughter is 20 months and used to sleep in until around 6:45 and now she is up at 5:30! Help! Why won't she sleep in anymore? Her routine is the same every night. Her naps...

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breastfed 4month old still sleeps alot!!

This is my second child, my first was also a huge sleeper but from day 3 of life my daughter has been a very sleepy baby. I have brought it up numerous times with my doctor and...

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Bed Time?

What time do you put your baby to bed? what is your routine if you have one? thanks!


30 minute sleeper

My 3 month old has only been taking 30 minute naps throughout the day for the past month or so. She sleeps great at night after her first 30 minutes. Her sleep cycle is good...

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Sleeping through the night??

My twin boys are 3 months today! they are amazing at feeding at the same time and we have a fantastic nightime routine, I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to...

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Anyone else with their children close together in age?

My son and daughter are 10 months apart. My son is now 15 months old and my daughter is 5 months old. I fell pregnant with my daughter only 4 weeks after giving birth to my son....

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