Extreme eczema and Food allergies

My 21 month old son has had extreme eczema all over his body for over a year now. And we found out about 6 months ago he is also allergic to wheat and eggs, which can trigger...

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When to bring up adoption?

I've had my 2yr old daughter since she was 3months. I've never talked to her about being adopted because I felt she was too young. However she's understanding more things and...


Please stop touching my belly!!

Ok....I'm up on my soapbox for this one. I really, really dislike when people try to or even succeed at touching my belly! The feeling just sends chills down my spine and I...

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Hates having hair washed?!

My daughter HATES having her hair washed. She can't stand getting water in her face, even if I hold a washcloth over her eyes or get her to tilt her head back. I usually just...


people who need to know boundaries

Do you have someone like this in your life? The biggest culprit of this in mine is my own mother. She treats my children as if they were her own. You may think I am over...


Women in Combat

Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles in the armed forces? The past fifteen years since the collapse of the Cold War system have been as much a New World Anarchy...


sudden constant whining in my 17 month old

my son has hardly ever cried, especially for no apparent reason. but for the last week or so, he seems to just want to whine and cry about every little thing, like he gets...

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US Media Liberally Biased

Here is more evidence that you can't trust the US mainstream media to give you a fair and balanced report....

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My 2 year old refuses to sleep

My 2 year old son just doesn't want to sleep naps or at nightime. Even if he's exhausted he manages to stay awake no matter what. When i put him in bed he starts crying saying...


Need help with disciplin?

My daughter isn't even two yet and she is throwing herself on the ground, throwing her head back sometimes even really hurting herself cause she is upset, and screaming her head...

Started by Tara on 01/30/2010 in July 2008 Babies

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Daughter being inappropriate

One day I came home after a long day of work, my daughter has just turned 16 and she gets home before I do. When I got home i saw a car in the drive way and I didnt recognize...


May lose our "Daughter"

We are the foster parents of a 6 year old girl. We have 2 bio sons. FD has only lived with us for 7 months but se ha been in care for 32 months. She was placed with us as a...


My 2-yr-old refuses to eat

My son was very chubby till he was 12- 17 months but now since he is 2 he refuses to eat. I try feeding him different things he only wants milk therefore he has lost lot of...

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