Admin Options in DM???

I suddenly have Admin Options in DM! Is this a COM gliche? Anyone's page that I visit has options to disallow them from posting or to remove them from DM. I could be really...

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real life vs. DM

i was wondering as i reading some of these post and the comments, how many of us are like this in real life?..both good or bad..what i mean is... Are we as passionate in real...

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son like girls clothes

Mother of a 9yr daughter and 8yr son he more happy being like his sister in clothes he wear. me and my hubby agree if he happy wearin girl clothes let him.

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DMG!!! Debating Moms Gossip

In light of 'certain' threads.... what happened to DMG-Debating Moms Gossip.... we sort of let that forum go dead. Why don't we resurrect it by inviting new members? Edit to...

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Leaving CoMs * I'm Out.

I've made the decision to bow out of CoM. Where this was at one time a positive and upbeat place for me to socialize, it no longer is. I am a firm believer that if something is...


what i like about you...

pick somebody...anybody...and say what it is that you like about them..do 1, 2, 3.the whole active community if you like....i'll start since i just worked 16 hours and may pass...

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Holy Moly

The welcome page is rather rich today. lol

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I'm interested to know what everyone thinks about homeschooling?

Started by Sarah on 06/04/2011 in Hot Topics

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Personal Attacks

Ugh, bleh, gah!!! I keep getting these flagged posts on personal attacks. Mainly nothing that I see to BE a personal attack. But more of complaining about the other person...

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Will you please get Circumcised?

You're in love with a man, you want to marry him. There's only one problem: He hasn't been circumcised. This grosses you out and you want him to get cirqued, you just don't...

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COM wife swap - for fun .

So I was watching wife swap today and was wondering if we had to find our polar opposite from COM and swap lives with them who would it be and what would you do differently in...

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Divorce is good for the children!!!


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Half Vent & Half Debate * Am I living in the 50's?

After responding to a post it was suggested that I am living in the 50's or 60's, or with that type of mentality. How could one decide that factor on one post alone? I had...

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puberty, masturbation and kids

When talking to your kids about puberty do you/would you/will you discuss masturbation with them? Boys and Girls? In what context? How much detail will you be comfortable...

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Is it really necessary to attack every post?

Is it really necessary to go through all the posts and attack EVERY single post that doesn't agree with you? What is the point of someone doing that? Edit* I am referring...

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Misdiagnosed ADD, He is Colour blind....

I have just learnt that for the past 3 years my son has been treated for ADD and it hasn't been his problem at all. He is now 10 and he is still struggling. for the past 2 weeks...

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re: Diva Cup etc.

After my fifth child was weaned and I got my period back full force, I bought a Diva Cup. I had never liked pads at all, and had a lot of issues with tamons, mainly odor and...

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2 yr old attacked by dog after being left alone

http://www.wltx.com/news/article/137768/... Ok here is what I am actually asking. On the facebook feed on this story we had the people who are pit bull lovers and saying that...

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Dropside cribs outlawed..

I saw this in the WtCoM's community. Apparently after so many deaths, they are outlawing dropside cribs in the US. What are your thoughts? Forgot the link.....

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I know I shouldn't do this... DRAMA ALERT

http://www.circleofmoms.com/moms-who-need-to-vent/Christmas-is-for-Christ-608314?trk=thd_list_title#_ "I know so many people that claim to be agnostic, atheists or say that...

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