Rice cereal

My baby is 16 weeks old. I was wondering what age is it okay to start feeding him rice cereal and such?

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Rice cereal

How thick do you make babys rice cereal if he's been eating it from a spoon for about 3 weeks now?


Rice cereal in bottle

My baby's pedi has me putting rice cereal in her every bottle for acid reflux. I put 1 tsp per 1 oz of formula and she drinks 3-4 oz each feeding. She is also on zantac. I...


Introducing Rice cereal

My son, Beckett, is 15 weeks old and he isn't getting full enough on breastmilk/formula. I have been feeding him only bm, until about 2 weeks ago, when he seemed to want to eat...


rice cearel

My son is 5months old, doc said to give him rice in a bottle every morning for a week, I tried to once for a week, don't know what to do after the week n don't know when to give...



Heloo...my vaby is 4 month old what can i give her in food?

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My son has been constipated since starting solids. We switched from rice cereal to oatmeal and he eats fruit and veggies. Any ideas the dr said give him some applejuice but he...


how much should my baby be eating?

My son is about to turn 6 months old and has been eating solid food for a few weeks now. I'm still breastfeeding him, but not sure how much he should be eating now. I've been...


Is my 7 month old eating too much?

Hi, My 7 month old baby girl is eating somewhere around this schedule: 7:30am 230cc formula (8oz) 10:30 toast/bread with milk /or cereal 2:00 around 120cc (4oz) formula and a...


Feeding and Introducing Food...

Hello all! Thank you for the invite to this group! I haven't had time to read through all of the subjects yet - but I have an 'issue' or at least I'm worried about it with my...


Feeding my 7 month old. HELP!

The feeding thing is VERY confusing to me and worries me. How much food should my baby be getting? I don't think she is getting enough.She still gets ALOT of milk. I would say...


How much should he be eating?

I havent been able to find anywhere approximate volumes of how much he should be eating..they say to start feed 8-12 times a day..but nowhere have i seen yet how much..and as...


Night Feedings At 7 Months Old

My Kylie will be turning 7 months old tomorrow. I had heard many mommas say that right around 6 months their little one started getting up at night to feed and that it would...


Constipated infant???

Hi my son is starting to eat baby food and rice cereal he is also becoming quiet constipated do any of you know any remedies or things i can try to help him??

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