Parmesan Potatoes

3-4 russet potatoes washed 1 tbsp montreal steak seasoning 2-3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2-3 Tbsp grated parmesan 1-2 tsp crushed rosemary Cut potatoes into cubes or...


Cheeseburger pasta

Ingredients: 1 can campbells beef broth, 1 can campbells cheese soup, 1lb ground turkey, 1 box bowtie pasta, 1/2 cup of ketchup, Adobo seasoning (in latin/ethnic foods aisle),...



I occasionally have nausea in the middle of the night and I need to know what you can eat or drink that doesn't have carbs in it so I can get back to sleep. It is affecting my...


Salad Recipes

I am in need of some new and different idea's for salads. We just started a no fat to low fat diet. I just don't want to feel like I'm eating the same thing everyday....do you...


Would love some recipes for fish!

I absolutely love fish, and I cook it a few times a month. My problem is that I am not a very creative cook, and I don't know very much about cooking fish. Does anyone have...


foods to freeze

I want to make several dishes and freeze individual portions for someone who doesn't have an oven, just a microwave. He especially likes pasta, but a variety of ideas would be...


Cloth wipe solution?

I want to switch to cloth wipes, but need a good HOME-MADE wipe solution. I don't want to buy any since the whole purpose is to go cheaper! I tried plain water and it DID NOT...


Menu For The Week

I usually have my menu done by today but I have no idea what I want to cook. I need some help so let me see your menus. This is what I have decided so far: Sunday- I am...


Vegetarian Dishes?

Does anyone have any easy vegetarian dishes? Or recipes without anything processed? I have to watch my salt intake...so I've tried to give up meat, but I'm not eating enough...


good dinner recipes

hi im kylee im looking for some cheap dinner recipes. if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


Need recipes....any kind

I need new recipes.me and my husband and 19month old daugther eat the same thing like 4times a week.it's steak and fries, chicken and mashed potatoes,spaggittie or plain...


Rice Cereal

My baby is 3 1/2 months old and I am breastfeeding. I feel like I am a first time mom even though he is my third because I didn't breastfeed this long with the other two. My...

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