The Tea Party

Yay? Nay? Total wackos? What's your view of these nutty conservatives? Whoops...let that one slip. ;)


Tea Party Hypocrites



The Tea Party Mocks the Founders

Perhaps the single most disturbing thing about the rise of the Tea Party as a growing force in American politics is the frequency with which the movement's most notable figures...


Is the Tea Party good for women?

There's no doubt that women are good for the Tea Party. But is the Tea Party good for women? There is no simple answer to that because the Tea Party is notably short on simple...


Donald trump U.S candidate .

The world already views the American tea party as somewhat of a joke ......a scary joke but a joke all the same , If Donald trump were to be elected the US will lose a lot of...

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Climate Zombies

"One of the defining characteristics of the current Republican Party is the near-unanimous denial of the science behind the threat of global warming pollution. "The GOP is...


Sarah Palin

http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/despite-mixed-record-palin-talks-up-her-impact-in-2010 Sarah Palin is wasting no time talking up her successes on Election Day--even though...


American Political System Question

How many places have open primaries? By my understanding, in those cases anyone can vote in the Republican primary & anyone can vote in the Democratic primary?? Am I...


Ending the Income Tax

"Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul said Tuesday the federal tax code is a "disaster," and he wants to replace the income tax with a retail sales tax. Paul said that he...