Coffee for a 3 year old

My 3 year old daughter loves a cup of coffee she drinks about 5 or six mugs of it a day they are half milk and half coffee, is this too much and will it be harming her.



my daughter, who is four months old is constipated. she will poop every 2-3 days and its really hard poop. she eats cereal and pureed food. and any suggestions how to relieve...

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Home remidies for infant constipation?

i have a 7 mo. son who has been have regular bouts of constipation. he is a breastfeed baby but we have been starting on solids. i increased his fluids and still BF him. dr....

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Not pooping

My little girl will be a month tomorrow. She's breastfeeding well and gaining weight like she should, but she's only pooping like once a week and when she does it blows out of...


Constant Constipation

OK, so when my son was 3 months old he suddenly stopped having his daily BM. He would go over a week without one, so my doctor recommended Glycerin Suppositories every 2-3 days...


Help! Constipated 6 week old

My son is six weeks old and i had to switch him to soy from his normal similac advanced with iron. Now he is constipated, hasnt had a bowel movement in over 24 hours, I have...


what to do about a 7 week old with constipation?

My 7 week old son has been consitpated. I called his Dr & was told to give him 2ounces of apple juice in the morning & at night until he goes. This seems strange to me for a 7...

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he always so backed up

my seven month old has always had trouble in the "going #2" department. He is so consitpated all the time now that he is on formula more and eating real food. I breastfed him...



my 5 week old baby is badly constipated have tried brown sugar and water also stomach calm and diluting his formula. doctor is telling me to stay on this formula till he is 6...


7 month old constipated

mi 7 month old daughter is constipated and we have tried everything warm baths water apple jucie prunes...and im stuck we took her off solids for a while to give her some relif...