Should my kids stay with dads girlfriend

My ex walked out on me and our two kids of 10 and 8, last oct after 12 years together, for the first 5 months he was happy coming to visit the kids in the family home, he then...

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WTH?! Birth Control for a 13 year old!!

So DH just told me that BM called him last night & asked how SD was this weekend. SD has been skipping out on weekends (we're supposed to have every other weekend) for almost a...

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Violent anger problems! Help!!!!!!

My three year old son's father and I were never married but we did live together, about a month ago I asked him to move out, because he didn't treat me very well and he wasn't...

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Step daughter wows

My husband and i have been married for 3.5 years and he has a daughter who is nearly 17 (from previous relationship) and we have a son who is 18 months. Ever since Riley has...

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Bilingual children

I have a 19 month son who is half white and half Hispanic. We want to raise our children to speak both languages. My son is a little behind with his speaking. Could this be...


should black people just get over it?

i have been wondering about this myself for a while and have been to afraid to put it up in fear of how i would come across. i've been feeling for sometime that there's been...

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How did that happen?????Must have been scary..well i didn't know that i was pregnant because i wasn't planing on having one. but once my periods stopped i got a preg test and...


New to Autism HELP PLEASE :)

My son was just diagnosed with autism yesterday. I am reading many books and trying to get an Idea of where to go from here. He will be starting his therapies soon. But there's...


Eating Habits and Weight Gain

I was wondering how much weight should toddlers gain at this age. My daughter used to eat everything, but her eating habits change everyday. One day she'll eat dinner, and the...


Unrealistic & Irrational Fears

Do you have any unrealistic or irrational fears or phobias? I have an extreme fear of being sucked into a tornado while driving and have a fear of driving into water and not...

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