How do you deal with the occasional guilt? It seems like I'm always saying "No". My 17 - almost 18 year old has been a problem kid for a while. He's not going to school as much...

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Anyone have a preemie in June?

My baby boy Brady arrived at 31w 3d on June 13. (My due date was due Aug 12.) He was 4lbs. 5oz. when he was born and measured 17.5 inches. He spent 4 weeks and 1 day in the...

Started by Shanon on 08/21/2010 in June 2010 Mommas!

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Am im being TO paranoid?!?!?

My son is almost 5 month old and weighs like 12lbs 6oz. Hes a lil guy and this H1N1 thing is driving me crazy! Im constantly asking people to wash their hands and i try not to...

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Ritalin? peoples reaction

Why do people always look at you with wide eyes when you mention the word. If this is "THE" thing that works? My son just started grade 1 and it was draining. He ended up...

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Breastfeeding and the bottle

Does any other breatfeeding mommy have issues with their child not taking a bottle. I only offer her breastmilk in the bottle, but my little stinker only likes the breast. At...

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When to start rice cereal?????

I've heard so many different things when it comes to starting my baby on cereal. I heard 4 months, but my doctor said try to wait until 6 months. Any advice? He's 3 1/2...

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Help ........Depression ..........

I had a very dysfunctional & violent childhood which lead to a marriage, a child then divorce. 4 years later a i jump into a 9 year defacto relationship & 2 more children....

Started by Michelle on 08/27/2009 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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My first son was born June 27, 2010 and now my new son was born June 15, 2011. How did everyone manage 2 babies within one year? Did anyone else have 2 c-sections for the both...

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So, my daughter is only 12, but she's a mature 12, thus the reason I joined this community. I need some advice. I am an incurable optimist. My daughter, on the other hand, seems...


breastfeed vs formula

Hi... My baby turned a month today.. I don't understand his eating patterns still... As in the hospital they gave him formula for 2 days as I was not able to feed initially....

Started by Bhavika on 07/26/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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