Teethin, cereal, and diarrhea

Okay, on Aug. 1st I started my son on cereal. He was 5 days away from four months old. I did it with a highchair and spoon and bowl, the whole sha-bang. I was soo excited!!...

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A Popular Topic: Potty Training

My daughter will be 2 in 6 weeks. We've had a potty since shortly after her first birthday and started "potty training" around 18 months. Considering we both work we really...

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slowly being phased out of daughters life:(

LeeAnna Duggan Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Started by You (yesterday, 1:17 pm) (no moms have responded yet) i put my daughter up for adoption almost 9 years ago, i was 16 at...

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How do you deal with your teenage daughters?

It is so hard to allow teenage girls their space in life. We all know how bad it is out here, but do know that they have to grow up. My teenage daughters call me "Thirtsy"...

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Strained relationship with married mommy friend

My "best friend" has been married for about 7 years, has 2 kids (8 years and 1 year), and is a stay at home mom. It seems like since my son and her youngest were born, we talk...

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What should i do about Baby getting sick?

I know that it is good for children to be exposed to certain things. and sometimes to other kids as long as they have their shots. I do believe that. but my problem is that my...

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my abusive 10 yr old son

my 10yr old son is out of control hes on his last warning at school,hes abusive to me he runs away refusing to come in the house,when he in the house he climbs through the...

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My baby that never made it home.

Hi my name is Crystal McCullough, I`m 21 years old and had my first child a couple months ago.I live in San Pedro ambergris Caye with my fiance.my little boy was born two months...

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Communication with the crazy ex-wife

My husband and I are nearing what I hope is the end of an exhausting court battle with his crazy ex-wife. The one thing I have read in all the other conversations is the fact...

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How do I deal with this?

First things first my name is Veronica and I was a single mom for a long time..I just recently met someone in the last 2 years and we're getting married in June of 2016.He has 4...

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Pregnant and can hardly eat!!!

This is my first pregnancy. I am around 8 weeks pregnant and have 24/7 sickness. I am down 8 lbs in 2 weeks. I cannot take more than 3 sips of any beverage or out it comes. I...



Now, me and my partner have been together for 7 years. So there's been alot of hours put into this relationship. I just I don't know if I can keep it going anymore. Lately I've...

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What do you go to playgroup/mums group for?

So, seriously... What do you go to mums group/ playgroup for? Is it the same old cliche answers?..  "To spend some time with people my own age."  "To get the kids out of the...

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My husband makes rude comments ALL the time about every little thing especially about the ones I love. I just want to scream at him, I've told him to stop and keep his comments...

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How do you teach a child not to be a follower?

How do you teach a child not to be a follower? I will try to keep this brief. Her teacher had a talk with me this morning. This is probably the 3rd time. The problem started...

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does merina iud hurt ?

i have 2 children both vaginal births no drugs of any kind all natural came to quick anyway i ave made an appt o have an iud does it hurt i have read it is so bad they pass out...

Started by Cassie on 03/02/2009 in May 2007 Babies

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