milk - bottle or beaker??

hi, my daughter is nearly 10months, she only has 2 bottle a day which is before bedtime. in the day she drinks water / juice.... out of a tommee tippee nuby beaker with a soft...

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Sippy cup help!

My son just turned one in August. He hasn't really been too good at using a sippy cup so our nutritionist gave us one without the spill proof lid, he uses it alright but ends up...

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My baby is nearly 8 months

My baby is nearly 8 months old and won't take to a sipper cup and also won't drink anything other than formula, what can i do? I never had any problems with my first so i'm...


Anyone come across a good sippy cup?

My son is ding really well with using his sippy cup, but it leaks constantly. He likes to carry it around when he walks or crawls, and turns it upside down and all around, and...

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Best Bottle

I used Dr. Brown's bottles after trying to breastfeed for 5 weeks but my milk NEVER came in. Pumped and feed what I could for those few weeks. I am not sure I want to use Dr....

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17 month old still hooked on bottles..

My 17 month old is still pretty hooked on his bottles, on average he will have 3 a day still, is this really that bad? Hes not a huge eater, id say more of a snacker, I think a...

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sippy cup

How to get 6 month old to use cup and not bottle

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Bottle Feeding!

Anyone have any issues with bottle feeding? Difficulties getting their child to suck, noisy sucking, wind etc. Any suggestions for what brands are good bottles to use?


Breast to Bottle

My daughter is 7months old and won't take a bottle of any sort. I have tried to give her some water with her solids but she screams whenever i try to offer her a bottle. I would...

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can not get my baby to drink out of cups, she only wants her bottle, having a hard time getting her off the bottle any ideas??


sippy cup

my daughter will be 11 months on May 10th and she pretty much refuses to drink from a sippy cup, even when i put her formula it. and the few times she does drink from it she has...

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Sippy Cups??

any recomendations of a good sippy cup to start transitioning?? My daughter is almost 6 months and I plan to start then.


Sippy cup dilemma………

My fourteen-month-old daughter will not drink milk out of anything but a bottle. The nipples on the bottles are starting to leak and I refuse to buy new ones. I think I have...


What is a leakproof sippy cup?

My son prefers to use a straw rather than a spout. I tried Munchkin and it broke the first time it hit the floor. So I got Playtex click n lock. At first I thought I really like...


Need advise on sippy cups.

My daughter will not take a sippy cup. She refuses to even look at it. I try to show her how to use it and she shuts her mouth tight and shakes her head. So then I tried to...

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Does every single sippy cup I buy leak... no matter how much you pay or what brand? Is this normal or does the dishwasher wreck them? it's soooo fucking annoying.


Sippy cup's

I am trying to get my daughter to use a sippy cup as she will only take a bottle in the morning and before bed! However she will drink from a drink bottle but then spits to out...

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