How long is your baby?

My daughter Grace was born 18th may 2009 weighing 9lb 6oz. i had her height measured last week when i got her weight done. she is 23 weeks and measured 70.5cm! she is already in...

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Brayden isnt walking

OK so my baby is crawling and standing but whenever I try to help him walk he sits and crawls. Once in a while he will attempt to walk holding hands but I am worried. The Dr...

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how tall is your november 2008 baby?

it seems izzy is very petite for her age.. shes still in size 12 months clothes and they are below her knee for dresses and pants still need to be rolled for length.. the waist...


Anyone with big little one`s ?

My little one just turned 1, but we have to buy 3/4 year size clothes? Is it just my little one who is this big, or are they making the clothes small ? She is as tall as a 2...


Shopping For Premie Baby Clothes

My son was 4 weeks premature. He weighed 5 lbs, 7 oz and was 18.25 in. At his 2 month appt he was 9 lbs and 21in. He will be 3 months in 4 more days and is still in NB clothes....

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Just for fun, How fast did your kid(s) grow?

My son is just over 2 months old and weighs 15lbs, and is 60cm long. I find it amusing that he isn't even 3 months old and has already outgrown all of his 3mth sleepers and...

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Just something neat and fun. How much do your kids resemble you (or hubby and other family members). Actions, looks - little quirks you do, that they do also. For instance, my...

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chunky monkey club?!?

Our daughter was born Nov. 28th and went for her well-baby appointment on June 30th. She weighed 21.8 lbs and was 28 inches long. The doctor said she was obviously off the...


Plus size models .....really ???

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/fashion/plus-size-model-robyn-lawley-the-first-plus-size-model-to-feature-in-vogue-australia/story-e6frfn7i-1226107470974 Please see photos...

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What Size Clothes Does Your Son Wear?

Hi girls, What sizes are your sons wearing? I find that the tags on the back basically mean nothing, since I have a few sleepers that are 0-3 months that he wears, and some...

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How BIG is your May 2007 baby?

Yesterday, I measured my son, who will be 4 on May 11, and he is 42" tall, and weighs 45 lbs. He wears 5-6 shirts, 5T pants and a size 1 in shoes. He is not a fat little boy...

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Is my son Extra big?!

My son has always been a little bigger than the other kids his age. He was 20 lbs by 5 months old and though he was beautiful he had a very round chunky thing going. Now at 21...


So uncomfortable...

Looking for some words of support...I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second set of twins. I'm exhausted, can't get comfortable at night (in part because my hips are...

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