Coffee and pregnancy.

For a while it was considered bad to have more than a cup, then it was okay, then bad. Now there are studies saying that coffee is actually GOOD for you.......what have you...


Baby's 1st Christmas!

what are good gifts for baby's first christmas...my son is 10 mo old..also..what ab stocking stuffers...for him and my husband...any suggestions??


I don't know how to save..

Does anyone have any good tips? I don't make much money, but when I come across a good amount it goes who knows where... HELP!

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Admit it! You are a busy mom and probably a little dependent upon caffeine. If you go ahead and admit it, you can buy your coffee, tea, or soft drinks at the grocery store and...

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Gifts ideas???

I love my Doctor and Nurse so much they have helped me threw a lot with this pregnancy. I want to get them a gift to say thank you. But I have no idea what to get for them. They...

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transition from sippy to cup

What's the best way to transition from drinking out of a sippy to a cup? Our son is 2yrs old and we're looking for tips to make the transition go smoothly.

Started by Noelle on 10/26/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Caffeine and Nursing

Hi all, I was just wondering if you limit your caffeine intake while nursing. I drink a about 2-3 cups of very light half caf coffee every day and wonder if any additional...


Why is drinking from a bottle bad?

OK - I hear the things about being bad for your teeth, etc...but what i"m talking about is drinking one bottle's worth of liquid (juice, milk, water) in approximately 2-3...

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Heating Bottles when your out

Has anybody else (May be an Australia specific problem) had difficulty when they're out getting hot water to heat bottles? I feed my baby expressed breat milk because I'm back...


Life Savers for busy mornings

It happens. Sometimes something like an alarm that doesn't go off or a child deciding they NEED TO BE NAKED RIGHT NOW five minutes before you leave the house, have you running...

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I don't know how to do things for myself.

It sucks. I have been dependent on everyone else for so long I can't do anything for myself. I do not want that for my kids. You all are so amazing to me. Especially you single...

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Pissing Contest

I have no idea where I'm going with this or if this thread will catch on but.... Let's have a pissing contest. For example: I drove to work the other day (45 min drive) in the...

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Toddler cups!!

I was just wondering if anyone eles still gives there 3 year old a toddler cup my little guy is potty trained and was off the bottle early but he still needs that cup when he...

Started by Amanda on 11/13/2008 in April 2005 Babies

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