rice cereal not doing the trick

my 4 month old has just started the rice cereal. she is doing 1 TBL twice a day. the dr. told us to start her on it because she never seems to be satisfied with just a bottle....



Ok so the pedi said we could start cereal. We did 2tbs of cereal mixed with breast milk. My 4 month old ate it and seemed to enjoy it but we've gone almost a whole day without...

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Rice cereal 4 month old

My babies dr said to put rice cereal in my son's bottles and I forgot to ask how often to give it to him anyone know?

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How long do you feed them rice cereal?

My dughter is 71/2 months and I stopped her rice cereal, she was starting to get constipated. She eats veggies and fruit and bottles. Should I switch to oatmeal or is that...

Started by Kristen on 02/26/2010 in July 2009

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Cereal...is you baby eating it?

Okay, my baby is 20 weeks today. She's HUNGRY! I want to start her on cereal. She's a formula fed baby and eats every couple of hours...should I put it in her bottle? Should I...

Started by Sara on 07/30/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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At what age did you give your baby cereal?

I'm thinking about giving my daughter some cereal--she is four months old, exclusively breastfeeding, an assisted sitter, is showing interest in our food, and has been playing...

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How much baby food for a 5 month old?

My son is going on 5 months old and we have been giving him cereal once a day ( 1oz of his milk and 3 of his baby spoons of cereal) now were going to start him on solids now....


Acid reflex...HELP!!

My son has been on multiple meds and has had scopes and probes. He throws up like crazy no matter what I do and the docs say he'll grow out of it. Any suggestions?