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Tube-Fed Children

Would love to connect with people whose children are tube-fed. My son has been on a MIC-Key for about 7 months now. He's never eaten well and then he went failure to thrive so...


tube in his stomach plz helpp

my son got sick at 2 months old by the time we got to the hositpal he had stopped breatheing and had a brething montior brething for him for two weeks after 3 and half weeks...


calling all G-tube moms!

I couldn't find a g-tube community so I started one. If you want to talk about tube feedings search for "G-tube parents" in the community search and join. Thanks! ~Jess


Doctor telling me to wean my daughter!

I really need my breastfeeding moms support tonight. I am so upset. Today was my daughter's 15m WCC. I was excited, to see how well she has developed. And she has done well, she...


Briannas Story

Some of you have asked questions about my daughter in the past and so someone on here suggested to me that I put up a post with her story, to make it easier for you to...

Started by Mel on 05/30/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 09/03/2012 by Sally


new hope for my little girl

well after all this time tube feeding my brianna i had a meeting with everyone involved finally on july 22nd. her pediatrician was supposed to make a plan using the information...


Help me to please stop freaking out

I am far from a new mother I have given birth to seven other children and miscarried two however this is the first time I have ever been on methadone while pregnant my other...


i want to breastfeed... help!

my daughter was hospitalized for 2 weeks after she was born. she was medivacted to edmonton while i was still in whitehorse. they gave her an NG tube for the flight so she...

Started by Claire on 01/30/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/03/2009 by Emily


Its been Nearly 2 weeks need advice....

I had my Daughter almost 2 weeks ago and my milk is still has not come in fully yet... i am producing but not enought to just feed my daughter breast milk like i want... any...


Hello Everyone

my daughter was born nov 4th by emergency c-section. my ob sent me for a growth ultrasound at 32 weeks, said she was tiny and he wanted another, so at 34 weeks i had another...


tips for helping latch-on

I have been trying to breastfeed for 7 weeks now. I make ample milk and have seen lactation consultants every week. Last week she seemed to be latching on fine with no pain but...

Started by Alicia on 12/31/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 01/12/2012 by Alicia


Anyone else having their milk just stop?

Ok well I've been breatfeeding my daughter since she was born, she's now 8 weeks old and a month ago one of my nipples crack so I started giving her a bottle of formula in the...

Started by Sarah on 01/20/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/11/2010 by Jessica

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