Sippy Cup

My daughter will be 5 in March and she still wants her sippy cup??? I have tried numerous times to get rid of them but others will give them to her. Is it ok that she still has...

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Sippy cup

Does anyone have any suggestions for starting a child on a sippy cup? My son is 9 1/2 months old and is exclusively breastfed up until now. I would like to pump the milk and...


Sippy Cups

Hi! I am new here and have just one daughter born on March 17. I was wondering if anyone has tried to use a sippy cup? I've tried to get Layla to use one but she doesn't hold it...

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Sippy cups

I have an 11 month old girl who refuses to drink from her sippy cup. We have a small bottle that she will drink her juice from but if you give her a sippy cup she will hold it...

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Sippy cups

I have been working with my 9 month old daughter for the past 3 months on using a sippy cup. I have introduced the nipple like spout and hard spout. She will only get fluid...


Sippy Cup to Regular Cup

I know there are some moms on here who skipped the sippy cup and went to regular cup and I'd like some advice. We've given Savannah regular cups before (or a sippy with no lid)...


Chewing on Sippy Cup!!!

So my daughter will not drink out of a sippy cup at all. All she wants to do is chew on it. Then she will get a little bit of juice or milk out, and it will just run down her...


problem with sippy cups

my son is 9 months old and I have been trying to get him to use a cup for 2 months and for some reason he hates it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to use it?


Babies On Sippy Cups

How often do you moms have your babies on sippy cups Braylen is still on the botle and sometime here and now i give him the sippy cup but he refuses to drink milk out of it only...


Sippy cup dramas

My little girl turned 1 on the 14th of july, she has 200ml bottle of milk 4-5 times a day at the moment as she is sick but i have tryed to give her a drink of water or juice or...

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Off a sippy cup?

My son turned one on September 30 and we had his yearly check-up with our pediatrician. He said that he wants him off bottles (of course) and sippy cups at 14 months. I don't...


Success with a sippy cup ?

Hi - any thoughts on how to get my daughter to use her sippy on her own? She will put it in her mouth but doesn't tip it up. I have been presenting it to her for about a...

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Bottle to Sippy Cup

Eli just turned 1 two weeks ago and is doing well with whole milk but outright refuses the sippy cup. How can we get him over this hurdle without all the tears and frustration?...


Advice on sippy cups???

Does anyone have any good advice on how to get your baby to drink from a sippy cup? Which is best? My son is 7 months old and I want to try to start him on a sippy cup, but am...

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Sippy Cup dilemna

So my daughter is 10 months today. Her Pediatrician wants her off her bottle at a year. I have been working with the sippy cup (mainly with juice) and she does pretty good...


Son will not use a sippy cup

Hi. I'm trying to start weaning my son from his bottle but he won't use a sippy cup... any sippy cup. I have tried many different kinds. I've used the tip to only try them...


Transition from bottle to sippy cup

I am a new mom with a son that needs to transition from bottles to sippy cups. He drinks water in straw sippy cups, but refuses to drink milk from them. i tried tommy tippee...

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She just wont take a sippy cup!

My little girl will be a year old by the end of the month and for the life of me i can this girl to take a sippy cup! I continuously give it to her after her snack,lunch and...

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Bottle to sippy cup..how young?

My 6 month old son is pretty good at holding his own bottle and feeding himself. While at the store today I noticed "training sippy cups". They are advertised for use of...