Doc pushing me to wean....help!

This is my first time posting but my pediatrician is pushing me to stop breastfeeding and I need mommy advice!! My son is 10 months old and I really want to breastfeed to the...

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hey i need some advice

im 13 almost 14 and my mom is constantly comparing me to my brother (we're twins) and she's always saying wow rebecca look how disorginized you are. example- the sweater doesnt...

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How to discipline my son?

My son is 7 and he has ADHD and autism. I have always been very soft and understanding with him, but I think he may need stronger discipline. He hit a teacher at school last...

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Extended breastfeeding. Milk is gone!!!!

I have exclusively breastfed my 2year old since birth. No bottles etc. I weaned him from night feeds at one year old and now he sleeps through night fine, but he still has a...

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My boyfriend seems to be irritated by my kids. Especially when they cry. Everytime I try to talk to him about it he says I need to whip they or put them in the corner if they...


Single mom

Is it ok to sit down with my son at his age (8 years) and explain that things did not work out between me and his father? Dear All, I am a single mom of 8 year old son. His...


Epidural vs natural childbirth

I've delivered 3 children without any pain medication. (even one where I had to have pitocin). I'm pregnant now with my fourth and being that I'm a bit older this time...


How to deal with a terrible 3 yr old? Help?

Is it possible to have so much love for a little one but be more frustrated with them than anything? From the minute my three year old son gets up he does everything he knows...

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Welcome Everyone!

Hi, my name is Tracy Lawson and I have a 6 year old son, named Aidan. I spent most of 2007 battling Colon Cancer and although I may have won a battle, the war is far from over....



Hello, my name is Renee, I am 31 years old and proud mom to a 7 year old and a 2 month old. I follow the Roman pantheon, and although I am not a Reconstructionist, I do lean...


Life after stillbirth

Two years later and it still feels like yesterday. I lost my son Aiden Xavier to pre-eclampsia in February of 2007. I miss my little boy so much that at times it hurts to even...


birthing baby number 7

just wondering... i am due to deliver baby number 7 late july...i can't wait, but have been told at my antenatal visits that i will have to be cannulated as the risk of me...


can`t stop smoking!!!

hi there im stacey im 20 years young and im 4 months pregnant and i cant stop smoking, alot of people find it so easy knowing theres a little one inside but i`m finding it very...

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Pilots Wife!

We are expecting our first child July 2009. I was just wondering how others like myself have been handling motherhood with a traveling husband. He has traveled since the day...